Sunday, February 16, 2014

Gallery 1988 Show!

I am so pumped for this.
We are having a gallery show/book launch event at the awesome GALLERY 1988, WEST
For all you in the Los Angeles area, stop by this SATURDAY, February 22nd from 8-10pm.
This will be the only place you can get the book before it's March 1st release!

And be sure to check out the NEW TRAILER!


Michael Barquero said...

That trailer was...magic- can't wait!

Unknown said...

Do you ever get to Minneapolis/St Paul or NYC or Dallas? I would love to get the 7 prints I ordered, signed!

Michele Dallorso said...

I wish I were there!

Thefayemousone said...

Is it free to go to the booksigning

A.Rae said...

Oh man. Totes exhilarated for this. Like, totes.