Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Movies R Fun is available in the Cooley store, and have been discounted from $5,000,000 to a measly $35. There's not a whole bunch left. I did an initial small print run, and the book did well at Comic-Con, so get'em while they're hot. For those that haven't held one in their hands, the book is hard-bound with that thick cardstock that kids' books have so that children can chew on the pages. And I will hand sign each order. Specify the name you would like it signed to if you want.

Also, I have a select few 13x19 Big Lebowski Jesus, Comic-Con Exclusive prints left as well that are in the store. They are hand signed and numbered, and when they are gone, they are gone.

Here's a better look at them, as modeled by a guy dressed as Jesus at Comic-Con.

More prints from the book will be appearing in the store soon.

ALSO.... The 54 Intercontinental Cuties playing cards will be available soon! I will post again when they are in the store.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled blogging nonsense.........


theseabaron said...


I had my boys pick up two copies of the book at comicon for me... you might remember them, they cos-play as two big dudes geeking out.

Excellent book, the quality was beyond what I thought it was going to be. Keep rolling these out, I imagine a whole series of tastelessly chosen cinematic moments, illustrated tastefully.

Good luck, thanks again!

Javier R (or as you spelled it HAFE-AIR)

Matt Doering said...

Wow, totally saw this guys there are thought of this print. How hilarious is this! ...And creepily convincing too 0_0.

Random Reader said...

What happened to the deck of cards? I was looking forward to ordering those cuties. *tear*

Anonymous said...

We want to buy the cards

Daniel Anderson said...

My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

Well played, sir.

Colin Jack said...


ARI said...

I saw your book in a magazine and it looks great, nice job.

damon said...

your book is so good i love it!

Joe_O said...

The list of the other lil' inappropriate book titles in the back just killed me. I would love to see one of those covers illustrated...or wth could you open it up so one of us could do a cover of one of those titles?

Xabaras said...

Hope my order are safe n sound =).
Love what you are doing.


Mikey_Capital said...

I am totally going to scope out the only comic shop of note in my country's capital and see if I can source this fine work.

Awesome blog man. Just caught up on all of it - all of it!