Wednesday, June 23, 2010

54 Intercontinental Cuties!: The Process

I thought I'd share my working process for these cards and walk you through from initial sketch to final product. Here's how I did the playing card for Cuba.

STEP #1. Research.

Since this is a pinup playing card deck, I had to do the task of somewhere finding a photo of a sexy woman for reference. As you can imagine, this was practically impossible. There aren't pictures of beautiful women anywhere! I looked in magazines, books, advertisements, billboards, movies, calendars, tv shows, commercials, cereal boxes, newspapers, etc. If only there was some sort of world wide web that could be built for the sole purpose of sharing information around the globe, but instead of useful information, it would just have sexy lady pictures all over it, THAT would be useful right now. But instead I just took a photo of my smoking na-na and her conjoined twin. I'll make it work.

STEP #2. Macaroni and Cheese Bath.

You heard me right. There nothing more relaxing (or delicious) after a long day of research than a Macaroni and Cheese bath. I fill my tub with 10 gallons of boiling water, add macaroni from approximately 150 boxes of Kraft, let boil for 4 minutes then I open the drain to remove the water. Then I grab a shovel and mix in the 20 pounds of cheese powder and a 1/4 cup of milk.
Then I light some tea candles, disrobe, and it's Heaven. And the bath is over when I'm done eating all of it. This step can last up to 4 days.

STEP #3. Red Dead Redemption.

Because it's awesome.

STEP #4. Try to draw, but then doubt self and ability to accomplish anything.

REPEAT STEP #2 through STEP #4, build up a strong lather, rinse, and repeat.

STEP #5. Draw something that will have to do because you are running out of time.

STEP #6. Scan it into the fancy computer machine, and press the 'color' button. The computer does the rest for you.

Viola! You've made a playing card! Only 53 left to go!

Make sure to check out my comrade Bill Presing's playing card process. He doesn't go with the Macaroni and Cheese bath method, he's more of a Spaghetti-O's type.


bpresing said...

Next time Macaroni bath. Next time.

Unknown said...

Right on about Red Dead's like a never-ending torrent of awesome. And bears. (seriously, SEVEN bears? where did they come from and why are they chasing me? did I interrupt their bear dance party?? I just wanted to pick some violet snowdrops!!!)

Speaking of awesome, I received my Inappropriate Prints today! So great. Many thanks :)

Pedro Vergani said...

1 - There isn't enought laught in the world for the things you write.
2 - Yes, long live Red Dead Redemption.
3 - Let's say, just hipotetically, that I wanted to work with the great or, even better, the practically semi-god pixar artists, how do you think i should proceed?

Dan D. Evans said...

Baths and macaroni and cheese are two of my favorite things - why did I never think to combine them?!

It's no wonder my pictures never come out right.

Nicole said...

AH! Of COURSE! MACARONI bath, not tagliatelle! I'm so embarrassed.
The macaroni bath method does seem quite effective; that Cuba card's well ace!

Joey Lee said...

Dude, highlarious stuff. And the drawing is pretty awesome too.

I remember when you first posted some girly art over at the drawingboard many years ago. Congrats on all your success!

boob said...

Ha! Great stuff. You make my own eye-searing process that much more embarrassing by pooping out gold after a macaroni bath.

I was a bit disappointed by Red Dead though - I was so hoping to hog tie a Bear and drag him back to the saloon where I could cut him loose and watch the hilarity ensue. Ah well - the sequel perhaps.

Kt Shy said...

Ooh! A mac-n-cheese bath sounds delicious :D Can't wait to get my hands on you's guy's card deck, the progress on both blogs is lovely :)

Anonymous said...

Weird, I have a similar process. Without the computer part and macaroni and cheese bath.

Ridd Sorensen said...

thanks for the peek inside. cant wait to get my mitts on these these cards :)

elgunto said...

Macaroni bath : the secret of success !!

Joel said...

Voila, a viola!

Abz said...

Haha, these made me laugh. Good stuff mate, check out my blog, let me know what u think! ;)

Anonymous said...

awesome to see the process at work.

any eta when the cards might come out?

GoGo said...

I have a smoking na-na, and i have Macaroni.

Where can i find that fancy computer machine,the one with the'color' button?

Amaroo said...

Probably the first tutorial, I've ever read from start to finish :) Sharp, edgy and with a happy ending - there's nothing more for me on this Earth, but I'll stick around for a little while, to see if you'll do yet another one :)

Anonymous said...

Oscar nominee Viola Davis drew that? Incredible. Or maybe you were saying, "Voila!"

Unknown said...

I wanted to see the Brazilian card... did you make one?

Unknown said...

I would like to see the Brazilian card... did you make any cutie form here?
It looks awesome!