Monday, November 11, 2013


Movies R Fun is coming out from Chronicle Books very soon-ish, and I'm super excited about it. It's bigger, better, and badder than the self-published version. And it can double as a vegetable cutting board. Yeah, it's THAT good. More news on that soon.

But for the peeps who need something now, I am putting up three new prints from the book in the cooley store RIGHT NOW! Look over to the right. See that hilarious joke/blatant attempt at using a bikini picture to sell prints? Click there to to take the SEXY route to Prints-ville, USA.

These are 3 brand NEW limited edition prints available (while supplies last) as well as the previous prints from the book available in the past. And the fun doesn't stop there. I more than doubled the number of images for the book and prints will be available of all of them. So check back every couple of weeks (like a stalker) for more brand new, limited edition released prints.

Imagine how jealous you can make your lover/co-worker/boss/friends/enemies when you show off your new prints on your mansion walls. (I'm assuming you have a mansion because you shop on the internets.) They also work great as Holiday gifts! Show that lucky print recipient how much you tolerate them.

And as usual, all prints are super duper high quality on fancy art paper, and I will personally degrade the value of the print by writing my name on it. I've got pretty good at writing my name, I think you'll be very impressed.


mike said...

Very cool man, I'm excited for the book!

Unknown said...

Great concept, great imagery!