Tuesday, July 13, 2010

San Diego Comic-Con BOOTH 4800 and ACTION FIGURE FREDDY signing

Attention stalkers,
next week you can find me at the San Diego Comic-Con Booth 4800 alongside Bill Presing, Scott Morse, and Jeff Pidgeon. In the program guide, the booth is listed as Red Window. I'll be there for the entire week with books, playing cards, prints, and original art/commissions.

And after the sun goes down, you might be able to find me in a nearby alley next to an unmarked van that may or may not have a selection of exotic animals for sale. I bet your apartment would look sweet with a baby leopard wandering about. What about your boring jacuzzi tub? I can get you a dolphin. Not boring anymore, is it?

DO NOT ask where the animals came from, it's not your business... cash only please.

Can't make it to Comic-Con? You can find me alongside Bill Presing at Action Figure Freddy in San Francisco, this Friday July 16th 7 to 10pm, signing prints and (god willing) pre-Comic-Con, advance copies of our playing cards (if they arrive by then). Action Figure fingers crossed.


Unknown said...

Oh money, why can't I have you :/ Would love to see yourself and your work in the UK.

Jonathan said...

How much is the Movies R Fun book going to be?