Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Let me tell you something (inappropriate), pendejo....."

Been wanting to do a Jesus/Lebowski drawing for a long time. And since I just finished it, I'm making this a ComicCon exclusive print! It'll be similar to the 13x19 available here with the silver border design too. I'll also have the book, other prints from the book, the girly playing cards, and possibly larger girly prints from the cardset. I'll be a regular onestop-shop WalMart!
And for those not going to the con, any leftover Jesus prints will be available here when I return, as well as the book, cards...etc.

So if you are going to ComicCon, stop by Red Window Inc. Booth 4800. That is where I will be stationed, alongside fellow Pixar artists Scott Morse, Bill Presing, Jim Capobiano, and Jeff Pidgeon.

And make sure to tell me, I sent you!


Payo said...

OMG. I hope for some reason that I have to be in San Diego.

Payo said...

OMG. I hope for some reason that I have to be in San Diego.

James Robert Smith said...

Man, that is perfect.

Unknown said...

Really, "nobody should #&%!? with the Cooley". I love this one

Anonymous said...

Quick question, will these be available on preview night? I so want it!

Chris Kennett said...

Yay my favourite movie! Awesome job!

MafiosaGrrl said...

I love this...I want each and every one in this series. It's like you check out all of my favorite movies and quotes.

As a fellow Lebowski lover you might want to see what us stitchers have been doing with it? Just a thought...

This is my friend's piece-

And this is mine-

never miss the chance to shoot the sit with fellow cinephiles.

love your work!


phillipthe2 said...

In the immortal words of Sam Elliot: "A wiser fellow than myself once said, sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear well, he eats you."

Unknown said...

Lol. Awesome!

Josh Cooley said...

Payo- Is there ever a reason NOT to be in San Diego?

2nd Payo- See above response

HemlockMan- Thanks! This just goes to prove what I tell people all the time... "HemlockMan has great taste."

Nate- That's what will be written on my tombstone.

Anonymous- They will be available Preview Night, Actual Night, After Night, and Post Night. (but seriously, yes, starting on Wednesday's Preview Night)

Chris- Yay! Thanks Chris! Your enthusiasm is contagious! YAY!!

MafiosaGrrl- Your stichers are awesome. Not like the crap my Grandma stiches. I DON'T NEED ANYMORE TEA COZIES GRANDMA!!!

phillipthe2- In the immortal words of Sam I Am..."I will not eat it, I will not eat Green Eggs and Ham."

Octavio E. Rodriquez- Thanks!

Guillermo Martinez's Blog said...

This is type of moment that makes me regret not knowing people in San Diego.

Cue the sad Charlie Brown music.

Justin Alicea said...

Dammit, I just know they are gonna sell out (because it's awesome). Maybe you could "forget" a few at home?

Anson Jew said...

These Golden Book pieces are awesome! I can't wait to see the finished collection!

James C Trujillo said...

Having this piece hanging on the wall would really tie the room together. The Dude abides.

Xabaras said...

San Diego It's not exactly over the corner for me (Italy). It'll be possible to buy it (in the future) from your store?

A-T-G said...

Looking forward to getting my grubby mitts on all the SD goodies!

See ya down there! I'll try not to hog up ALL the tables (since I made Jeff bust out all kinds of extra-lusciousness to keep up!).