Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's on like Comic-Con.

I am in San Diego now with 1,000,000 of my closest friends at Comic-Con. So if you have ordered a print recently and have not received a tracking number yet, please know that it may take an extra week on top of the snail's pace delivery of the US postal service, because I am away and unable to fill orders. I know it's taken a few of you a while to receive your prints through the mail, so thank you for your patience. Apparently the US postal service has gone back to delivering the mail via the pony express, and depending on bandit attacks or lightning storms or having to ford a river, it may take many moons to git yer purty hangin' pictures. But when I return next week, I will whip my child printmaking slaves faster for quicker service.

Thank you


Sean McGowan said...

Hey Josh, thanks so much for taking the time to look through my sketchbook and give me advice! I feel like I'm getting a better idea of what to do now.

hannah said...

my brother picked up a deck of cards for me at comic-con & you signed it
thank you so much!! love love love the deck

A-T-G said...

Thanks for my sweet, sweet shwag! And for letting me bug the living crap outta at 'Con. Had a blast and yur stuff is awesome.

In exchange for giving me some loot for ma sister, I would like to extend you a free entry into the Pidgeon Wing of our family museum. Come and drool over the massive collection of pop culcha' goodness.

Offer good while we're home and void where prohibited.