Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Hoverboard Rumor

Some of you may have heard of this before, and if you have, please chime in. Thanks to the internet, I was able to do some research and realize I am not the only gullible nerd on this planet.

The year : 1989.
The location : Television.

A young, innocent me was lying on the carpeted floor of my parents' living room, eyes glued to the miracle box that makes the pictures move. I was watching the first "making-of" program I'd ever seen, and it was about the movie magic being created for the upcoming Back to the Future sequel. I was blown away with excitement for the movie because I was (still am) a HUGE fan of the original, and the trailer looked amazing. Then the bomb was dropped.

Director Robert Zemeckis (on left) with Award winning actor, Roger Rabbit

The director, the guy who made the Original, who wrote the script, Robert Zemeckis, said the hoverboard sequence was fun to shoot because it was..... REAL.

I had to change my Osh Kosh B'Gosh overalls when I heard that. "By the power of Grayskull...did he say what I thought he just said?" Then they showed shots from the movie of Marty McFly hovering around on a skateboard with no wheels...looking AWESOME!!!

I was 10 at the time and my brain had 2 thoughts. 1.Candy and 2.How can I be awesome. I needed a Hoverboard and I needed it NOW!

I ran into the other room and screamed at my parents.
Me: I want a hoverboard! I want a hoverboard!
My Dad (still reading his car magazine): Put it on your Christmas list.

And I did. It was number 2 on the list behind 1. Candy. I'm serious.

It wasn't until after Christmas, after months of doing nothing but wishing for a Hoverboard, that my Dad sat me down and gently explained that Hoverboards aren't real. "But I saw the guy on TV...he said...he said it was real! It had MATTEL printed on the bottom!" My Dad spent more time on this talk about Hoverboards not being real than he did telling me about the birds and the bees. Which I still have questions about.

Anyway, Fast forward back to the Future to a few days ago. I FOUND THE INTERVIEW. Thank you, World Wide Waste of time, now this can finally be put to rest in my head. And it turns out I'm not the only one who believed it. Lots of kids were sucker-punched with this bold face lie from Director Robert Zemeckis. But I don't hold it against him. If I were in the position to lie to a world of kids/fans and make them believe something stupid and feel like an ass about it later...I 'd probably do the same thing.
Enjoy suckers!



SHOo said...

WHAT??? but.... but he says it, it really exists, he explains it! I... I...
(I actually think you could still sell it to me today. Really.)
Sadness for the rest of the day. Candy should compensate though.

Ev said...

SO I'M NOT CRAZY! I had almost the same experience. My friends said I was out of my mind! HA! This'll show them!

Dan Blank said...

I think the full rumor was that they were indeed real, but the mothers of California petitioned to have them banned, for fear of safety issues.

On a similar note, I think I spent a few solid years searching VHS catalogs at video stores, trying to track down "History of the World, Part II"

Ben said...

I was duped too. Couldn't believe what I'd seen.

John S. said...

I bought it too at the time and I was old enough to know better, sir. Doin't feel bad.

Mr. said...

I vaguely remember that bit on TV. I wasn't really watching at the time. I was playing Nintendo, so I just vaguely had interest. I remember my older brother freaking out about it, but I just didn't believe it. Plus, I'd already fallen off a real skateboard, so I wasn't in a big hurry to fall off a hoverboard. I don't know what's lamer now, the lie, or me! :P

Jesse Hamm said...

GAH! I had the same experience. (Ditto on History of the World II, too.)

However, THIS totally makes up for it.

Gleemonex said...

Ahhhhhhh! Me too ... and I believed so thoroughly that I had an almost knock-down drag-out argument with my dad and older brother over it. He's all, "but then WHY don't we all have one?" and I'm all "because PARENTS' GROUPS don't want kids getting hurt on them!" and my brother's all "but this would REVOLUTIONIZE transportation -- it's not just some TOY! People wouldn't need CARS or OIL anymore! God you're stupid!"

Fifteen years or so later, I was reminded of it out of the blue -- college, who knows what made me think of it. So I told my dad, apropos of nothing one Sunday dinner at my grandmother’s, “By the way. I concede the hoverboard argument.” I could actually see him fighting with himself not to say “I told you so,” and dance around in triumphant victory, but instead he said, “Thank you. I appreciate that.” My brother just shook his head in total disgust.

Malik said...

Holy crap, I'm not alone in hearing and believing this! Actually, I realize now that I didn't truly know that those hoverboards weren't real... until just now when I read this post.

Sad, really. I kept waiting for them to appear at stores, no lie.

Jenna said...

This also happened to me, however I think they are actually real. I heard it on the news last year. I'm not idding

Grant Donovan said...

A: I discovered your blog today. I am thoroughly amused, totally jealous, and ridiculously thankful
B: I didn't see this video, but I do remember being told several times that the hoverboard was real, and anticipating its eventual street date, while talking with my other ten year old friends about how they would work. We all figured magnets.
C: While I still want a hoverboard, I feel like that things intrinsically dangerous,b/c I mean if you get your speed up how the hell do you stop?

Claire said...

I laughed merrily at this. I think there's a high chance others have duped us in our childhood at the same degree but this just tops the list. Candy is better than hoverboard though.

Spencer said...

On the BTTF dvds, there is another featurette that Kirk Cameron hosted. He held a Q&A with people who wrote in, and one of the questions went along the line of "Bob Zemekis said the hoverboards were real, but I can't seem to find them anywhere. Where can I buy one?". Kirk replied that this was a popular question and regretted to inform us that he was "only kidding".

Funny thing is, Kirk Cameron was only popular around the late '80s early '90s, so that featurette had to have been as old as BTTF part 3.

Swellzombie said...

You've just bursted my bubble. I fell hard for this when I saw it.
I don't think I'd be the same person had I realized it was a joke. The "fact", to me, that there were "real" hoverboards fed my imagination my whole life.
I even rationalized why they weren't on the market. "Probably too expensive". Or figured they suffered the same fate of flying and electric cars.
Damn... I still wish they were real. I don't skateboard because I'll hurt myself, but I'd totally risk it for a hoverboard.

Swellzombie said...

You've just burst my bubble! I've always believed that they were real. I even rationalized why they weren't on the market. I figured they were too expensive or they suffered the same fate as prototype flying and electric cars.
Damn... I still wish they were real. I don't skateboard because I'll hurt myself, but I'd happily bite it for a hoverboard.

Keith said...

oh good, I'm not the only gullible kid who saw this. the only difference is that I never had an adult explain to me the reality

Keith said...

oh good, I'm not the only gullible kid who saw this. the only difference is that I never had an adult explain to me the reality

Angie said...

Holy geeze.
this happened to me, too...

Anonymous said...

Thank god Im not alone!!! I had the same argument with my dad and he didn't believe me, them I bought the collector's edition with that Interview with zemeckis on it, and BAM in your face pops. I was hugely guped too, because I thought with reverse magnetic polarity, It could be possible, but not so I guess.