Thursday, January 29, 2009

How about this Economy huh? Boy does it blow. I had to let go of the one employee that runs my lemonade stand that I put up in front of my house. So now I have nothing to do on Saturdays. So to make ends meet, again, I have to rent out space on my blog to the classified ads.

Portly Male Real Estate Tycoon ISO Sexy Female Banker
I own houses and hotels from Mediterranean Avenue all the way to Park Place. Why not chance a turn with me? Are you currently incarcerated? Not a problem. I can have you released from jail without having to pay a dime. I have plenty of free parking, a scottish terrier, and a small iron you can use to press my tux. Must have nice community chest.

2 Bedroom/ 1 and a half Bath, 35 sq ft, gingerbread home in desirable neighborhood. Remodeled bathroom and kitchen, new frosting roof. Convenient location-25 colored squares from Lollipop Woods, 76 from Gumdrop Mountains. So easy to locate, a child could do it. Winding colored path leads to front door. Nice view of Molasses Swamp. No Pets.

Orange Hippopotamus - cheap! I can no longer afford to purchase food for this starving hippo. I am constantly disciplining it by smacking the lever protruding from it's backside, but that doesn't seem to help. It never stops eating. Never! I'm losing my marbles here!


Anonymous said...

Mediterranean Avenue? - That place is a dump!!! And that little dog of Unlce Pennyworh- urinates all over that two-star shit-hole. Also - have you ever had to sit though Pennyworth's endless stories? - if I have to listen to that bloated bastard tell me about winning the beauty pageant again - I swear I'm going to cut his brake lines the nest time he passes Go.

That's why I stay over at New York Avenue.

And yes - I have nothing better to do than to think up Monopoly related jokes....



m3ng said...

Guffaw! You are one funny dude.