Thursday, September 18, 2008

100% TRUE! Because if they weren't, they wouldn't be on the internet!

1. There are 2 kinds of Pandas. The Long-tailed Himalayan carnivore that looks like a raccoon and there is the Giant panda bear that lives in Western China. Both go well with barbacue sauce.

2. Movie Star Jessica Alba loves Cookies and Cream ice cream, likes to watch football, and her favorite color is purple. She is a horrible actress.

3. It is 3,975 miles from Earth's surface to it's nougat-y center.

4. There are over 100 religions in the Western Hemisphere alone. Most of them are just ridiculous. You know which ones I mean.

5. Curling up naked in the fetal position on your bathroom floor and crying will not bring your girlfriend back, no matter how many hours you do it for.

6. Average time it takes to complete a transaction at a Wendy's drive-thru: 2 minutes 30.29 seconds. Average time it takes to rob a Wendy's : 1 minute 42.3 seconds.

7. Siberian Tigers do not think Frosted Flakes are that great.

8. Scientists claim that milkshakes will bring the boys to the yard.

9. The fear of women is called 'gynaephobia' . The fear of politicians is called 'politicophobia'. The fear of an unqualified woman becoming a powerful politician is called 'rational'.

10. For one week a year in the Springtime, cheap plastic bead necklaces make girls go wild.


Andreas Schuster said...

i hate the clown picture, i blame tim curry

Bill Robinson said...

Number 9!! Hilarious and so true.

Chubrick said...

7 and 8 are great :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah but Josh - what's the take from robbing Wendy's?

Come on man, you can think bigger than Wendy's....

How about Jack-in-the-Box? Or dare to dream about the big time - McDonalds......I tell you we can live like Kings after a take like that (well in a third rate Mexican city at least).

Also....I knew if anyone could find a disturbing Clown picture - it be you.

Doug Cox said...

have to agree with chubrick... 7 & 8

nice one cooley