Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Bucket List

There's a popular fad going 'round these days with aging movie stars. They make Bucket Lists. These are things written in a "list" that you want to do before you kick the "bucket".
This is nothing new. I've had my "Dirt Nap Directory" written on a framed napkin hanging in my living room for years, and I've almost completed everything on it.

1. Dance with the Stars
2. Become the King of Kong
3. Make a woman faint by winking at her
4. Crash a Shelby Mustang
5. Kill/consume a polar bear
6. Flip a house....literally
7. Get my full body tattoo removed
8. Streak during a NASCAR race
9. Get an entourage
10. Learn to ride a bike
11. Skydive from space
12. Roundhouse kick a knife out of someone's hand
13. Get knighted by Queen Latifah
14. Help a complete stranger commit a crime
15. Waste time by writing a blog
16. Get adopted by an angry, rich bald man who I soften with my singing
17. Find Waldo
18. Jump over a shark on a motorcycle
19. Perform surgery (legally)
20. Prevent someone from completing their Bucket List


Bill Robinson said...

I loled at number 13.

Doug Cox said...

16. I'm going with 16.

Anthony Holden said...

How come jumping over a shark on a motorcycle is so far down the list? You might consider re-prioritizing.