Tuesday, July 15, 2008

LOOKIT WHAT I MADE!!!!!! (my wife helped)

Sorry for the recent lack of postings, fellow blog viewer. I've been a little busy supporting our dwindling population problem by bringing human life into the world. Kinda puts YOUR week into prospective now doesn't it? I'm busy helping our species thrive, and your at home probably pants-less, drunk on Cocoa Pebbles and watching a continuous loop of Flight of the Navigator on TBS the SuperStation.

I envy you.

9 months ago, the oversized softball of fate was thrown at the target of life, and on July 7th, the platform fell from underneath me and I was dropped into the dunk tank of fatherhood.
Lola Belle Cooley is my new toy, and she brings me more joy than infinity hours of Flight of the Navigator. She likes to eat, poop, sleep, and she likes breasts...so we have a lot in common. I'm sharpening up my fathering skills by watching the Bill Cosby documentary, Ghost Dad. It's good to know even after my demise, I can still be a good father.
I've already started laying down the rules like a good dad should. Lola told me she wants to go to Burning Man this year and I was shocked....especially since she's only a week old and she can talk. I told her absolutely NOT, she will have to wait until she is AT LEAST 4. So she got all mad, told me I sucked, and threatened to bludgeon me in my sleep with a Lite Brite.
Ha! Kids say the darndest things!


Bill Robinson said...

Congratulations on the spawning! I love the name Lola Belle - reminds me of LulaBelle (the girl bear in the old disney cartoon, Bongo.) Hooray for babies.

Doug Cox said...

I always knew you could do it. I just never gave up hope. Way to reproduce! And remember, knowledge is treasure.

samacleod said...

Haha! Awesome. Congrats, bro! Beautiful name too. So happy for you man.

Anonymous said...

I wish they played Flight of The Navigator on TBS!

Oh, wait... I mean... Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Nice post Josh! And thanks for giving Erin a little credit for her part.... :) I know, it was a small part, compared to what you donated, but even still, it was something, right?

Larry Levine said...


Roland Hulme said...

Awwww! Congratulations! I had one of those three days earlier than you (the male version) so if your one ever needs a half-British pen-pal, look ours up.