Thursday, June 19, 2008

Who are the People in your Neighborhood...?

Driving to and from work everyday, I've noticed a consistant cast of sketchy "characters" that line the main drag I take. And I'm not the only one. If I mention to a co-worker that "Antennae-Head" is sitting in his usual chair, they know exactly who I'm talking about and where he is.

Here's one of my favorites, "the Strawberry Pimp".

This pimp struts along the main blvd, in full pimp limp, in his chains, and gold, and everything. He's straight out of SuperFly. Sometimes he's dancing, and sometimes he's using his pimp cane to direct traffic like some kind of pimp traffic wizard magically making traffic lights change.

I was stopped at a stoplight at a corner this morning, and a glimmer caught my eye. It was sunlight reflecting off of the Strawberry Pimp's gold $ necklace and he was standing right next to my passenger's side window staring at me like the above picture. I was so excited to see him, because everyone knows when you see a pimp, your supposed to make a wish and it might come true. But my excitement was cut short. While staring at me....Strawberry Pimp pushed his jacket back with his hand in his pocket to reveal a giant handcrafted wooden knife handle, at least 8 inches long. I guess I was frozen because the car behind me honked because the light changed and I didn't notice.

Moral of the story: Nothing gets your day off to a great start better than a pimp threatening to cut you.


David Suroviec said...

Oh Man! What a kickstart to the day. Does that happen to be in Oakland somewhere? I drive through a bit on my way home from work but I have never been lucky enough to see a pimp. Just the prostitutes. And I think we all know how unlucky they are.

Bill Robinson said...

Hahaha, Strawberry Pimp, perhaps related to Strawberry Shortcake. (Or maybe she's one of his hoes.) Don't get cut. You going to the sketchcrawl tomorrow?

Bobby Pontillas said...

Ha! Your header is classic.

Another NE Story must have:

Unknown said...

great attitude!

Anonymous said...

I still have yet to see this dude. (Although I've heard about him many times) I think you're the first one at Pixar to be approached and threatened in his pimpalicious ways.
Lucky you.

Anonymous said...

I heard this guy refers to himself as "The Colonel".