Thursday, February 28, 2008

The other day I was checking my email and got quite a nice surprise. I was in my backyard at 10pm,on my laptop "borrowing" my neighbor's wireless internet connection, when I saw that I had an unusually high number of new emails. 3 new emails, sweet! . Had I won some sort of contest? Was an ex-girlfriend desperately trying to reconnect with me via the interweb? Did I send myself an email from the future? Not this time. As it turns out, I'm not the only one that reads my blog. I have fans, that decided to send me mail....or "fan mail" if you will. And so I have decided to post and reply to the fanmail I have received on my blog.

The first email is from Jomney Rickdster, from Brasil, Arkansas.

Hi there Cooley,
This is Jomney I see your blog often do you draw your artworks too, i want to draw artwork like a artist sometimes. What is your favorite artwork? Yes? Maybe next time we talk, we can talk about me visiting you at your house. I will stay for two days ONLY. Please send your cash for bus ticket to me quickly. there's not much time left.

your friend, don't disappoint,
Jomney Rickdster

-Hi Jomney,

Thank you for the kind words that never seemed to end because you have no idea what punctuation means and when to use it. Seriously dude. Have you ever typed on a keyboard before? I'm pretty sure your own name is a misspelling. You need to put down the "artworks" pencil, and pick up an English book. And to answer your question, no, you will not be visiting me OR staying at my house. And you will be receiving NO cash. But seriously, thanks for visiting my blog, your the best.

The second email is from

Mr. Cooley,


- Hi,

Thanks for the email. I'm not exactly sure what this email is about, it looks like you passed out onto your keyboard. But I'm sure you meant to compliment me on my blog and blogging abilities. Thank you for being such a loyal reader an........Hmmm...folders on my desktop are disappearing, that's weird.

The final email is from Jian mcmuster, from Chusterlan, Minnesota.

Mr. Cooley,

Tired of being lonely? What to be sex giant? Why not impress her with a new instrument? Muscular manhood can be all yours. The best in Ultimate Pleasure awaits you! CLICK HERE!

- Thanks Jian for the email. And thanks for being such a loyal blog reader. However, I already have an instrument. I play the pipe organ, and the ladies ARE impressed by that.

More mailbag coming soon! ........but don't get your hopes up.

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