Monday, January 21, 2008


Saturday was Sketchcrawl in Chinatown. Hours of sitting in the park drawing people. Doesn't get any better than that.....unless while I was drawing, Cindy Crawford drives by in an ice cream truck and is like "Hey Cooley, want a free waffle cone?!" And I'm like uh, YES!

That would be awesome.

I love drawing in that Chinatown park because the people don't care that your standing in their personal bubble staring at them like a maniac, sketching then erasing profusely while cursing under your breath and talking to yourself like a crackhead. That's how I draw anyway, it's my "creative process."



Awesome! Here's two things I want to see:

a) at least a cartoon of Cindy Crawford offering that waffle cone.


b) Video of your "creative process" - standing in those "space bubbles" mumbling like a maniac while you draw.

Bill Robinson said...

Awesome! I love how loose and expressive these are.

Gerald de Dios said...

Those are such great caricatures. I recognized to Sketchcrawlers and 3 of the people sitting around playing cards at the park.

Emma said...

Really nice, I'm starting to think I should have stuck around the park and drawn all the crazy characters there instead of wandering the streets and tackling the architecture.