Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cooley Blog.... ACTIVATED!

Greetings weary internet traveler.

You have luckily stumbled across a beautiful watery oasis in the desert that is the world wide web. Rest your mouse clicking finger and looking balls here on my BRAND SPANKING NEW BLOG! It's just like all the other ones, but newer!

I will do my very best to post my recent drawings and other stuff frequently, and often (or until I get tired of this blogging thing or until the internet gets shut off). And I'll try real hard to keep my nerdy Star Wars references to a minimum.

So my goal with this blog (besides to keep me drawing) is to compile my collection of blog drawings into a sketchbook at some point...which you will then pay for. Why would you pay for it when you can see it here for free? Because if you don't pay, your stealing. And if you steal, my karate chop will cut through you like a lightsaber through the belly of a taun-taun.

So now that I'm done verbally threatening you, lean back in your folding chair, kick off your flip-flops, crack open another brewsky, and tell your mom your gonna need her computer for another 20 minutes....because you've found the blog that is going to change your life.

And please.....put some pants on.


JeremySaliba said...

YAY! A Cooley blog! but i have to put my pants on?

Josh Cooley said...

You especially Jeremy...I don't want my blog catching any diseases.

seamas said...

i think my blog avatar CLEARLY STATES that i will in no way whatsoever be wearing pants at any given time...can i still look--?

Josh Cooley said...

Seamas, I always assume you are without pants. And that's why you sicken me.

Anonymous said...

needs more pages! sadly i reached the end